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Produced specifically for grades pre-school to fifth grade, these nature education films feature acclaimed naturalist-teacher and conservationist, Elizabeth Terwilliger. Her unique multi-sensory  methods teach children to make responsible decisions to protect and preserve our natural environment.  

Children explore a pond and learn what lives under rocks that sing of their place in the ecosystem.

A girl dreams of waking up in a forest and meets Mrs.T.

They follow a stream to the ocean.  She sees spawning

salmon and migrating Monarch butterflies.

Children follow “Mr. Raccoon” on an adventure through a magic door that leads to discoveries  along the shore and see waterfowl.


A boy takes his bike on a ferry to San Francisco. He meets a friend and Mrs. T. They hike and bike these habitats and sing the names of spring wildflowers and creatures they find along the way.

Children discover Northern California's four seasons. They taste vegetables from the garden, carve pumpkins, learn about farm animals and experience the migrations of California Gray whales, salmon and waterfowl.

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This booklet features vocabulary lists and  activities for each of the five films, that will expand the film's learning experiences.

Films produced, distributed, and managed by Joan Linn Bekins. Cinematography by Sam Lopez. Directed and edited by William E. Cohen.

Music and lyrics composed and performed by Dan Whittemore. Sound by Will Harvey.

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